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We know you'd like to find out where to buy those cool jeans you either have seen or had in mind to match what you have. We also would like to suggest how to combine them with your own owned clothing, according to your own wardrobe or maybe even share with a friend, giving ideas for events or parties. Maybe you are looking for a special Tee on a store nearby for that important date.

Catwalk is a place to find answers to needs regarding style and fashion for everyone. So we can deliver exacty this experience, we ask you to share some information with us. We know about the responsibility of this role and we treat data and its safety, as well as privacy in high regards and respect.

The following policy has been defined to clarify fundamental aspects of how we deal and manage data within our services. Do not worry, we like to use simple and fair language, without legal terms or jargons. And even if you do have doubts or would like more information, suggestions or even complaints, we would like to hear more from you. Feel free to email us directly at, which is very simple to remember.

Privacy Policy

Data management is a relevant part of our services and we have been careful with these guidelines, data traffic and data usage that we might handle. We will describe how we read, store, save and process these data, as well as what we do not do with them.

In this privacy policy, we will share with you information regarding data we collect, how we use it and with whom we share this information. Our main goal is to collect only data that could bring you a clear benefit to you, directly or indirectly, and we do believe that we can deliver exactly this.

First, let's start explaining how we collect data. We might collect data that you share with us in our platforms. In those cases, you will be prompted a warning in such a way as to accept or reject sharing these data. They will appear as a warning before we get to access such data, giving you the option to decide whether you'd like to share it or not with us.

Data you share with us

Information you share with us are data we receive through your actions and thus tend to be obvious. Anyway, we would rather be redundant on this matter so we will list below which information those are.

The first package of data collection happens on your login on the platform. Be it through a social media login, be it through a sign up of a new user, we capture data to assemble your profile and guarantee your security and unique identity on the subsequent accesses. If the sign up is through our data forms, we will record and use every field on them to allow a creation of your profile, storing them safely to ensure your identity is kept unique and private to only your access. We do not have access to user’s passwords, so please be sure to keep it on a safe, secure place. If login is carried out by using a social identity from another platform (such as Google Services, for example), the only data collection is your name, profile picture, email and mobile number, if you do have it stored on those services.

In addition to the information provided on sign up, we will have access to your telephone number. We will also request access to your contact’s information to be able to build up a listing of your close friend who are using Catwalk as well. Bear in mind the only information we gather is your contact’s phone number, and by no means we store or record on our databases those data. You can also enhance your profile with non-mandatory information such as physical measurements and delivery information, which you can insert through the settings menu. Those will also be captured and used, privately and will not be available to anyone else.

An important highlight: when you purchase an item on Catwalk, the sensitive data on the transaction such as credit card number and verification code are never saved on our database. Those data are automatically secured through cryptography and transmitted to the financial services provider, bringing additional security to this process. We rely on proven and established financial provider services who have enough reputation and competence to handle such sensible financial information. We do not store or record your Credit Card information on our databases.

The second layer of information collected from your actions derives from your app usage, like saving items to your collections, asking for combinations, searching and looking for events. Those actions aid on our task of understanding your behavior and personality in order to offer tailor-made suggestions.

iOS Application: Permissions and requests for your data

At the present time, users of our iOS application are not requested any sensitive data or private access to phone permissions.

In the short future, users that use our iOS application will be presented to three different privacy permissions when they signup for the first time: we’ll request access to your location, to your camera roll and to your camera.

Location Services: when you login for the first time, you’ll be asked to allow or deny access to your position. This is important to us to show present and future weather forecasts on your calendar, to allow you better schedule looks for any given date, and to help you keeping in the loop on emerging brands around you or stores near your location.

Camera Roll access: when you login for the first time, you’ll find we request access to your camera roll when you choose to change your profile picture or thumbnail. If you grant us this permission, we’ll be able to let you change your own profile picture and thumbnail to better suit your mood and enhance your own profile.

Camera access: the same will happen when you login for the first time and try to change your pictures. If you choose to allow access, you’ll be able to take pictures of yourself to update any of your profile images.

Data collected indirectly from our services

If one of our missions is to help you quickly find what you like, then we need to value your time. For that, we do not want to ask you for information that we can gather automatically. It is important, however, that you are aware of which information those are.

First, we monitor the functions you access and your navigation inside the app. This allows us to understand the pages that have been poorly built, and that people are struggling with, functions that are seldom used and those that are favorites, which we will continue to develop and improve.

Secondly, we see with whom you interact. That information allows us to understand who you admire and suggest people to follow, helping us shape your profile and show content that is more relevant to your likings.

Thirdly, we aim at understanding the technology you are using to navigate on Catwalk. This means understanding your phone brand and model, operational system, phone’s language and number in order to help us improve the design of the app and your experience.

We also receive data from other users about you. If your telephone number is on their contacts, for instance, we can assume you know one another and help shape the connection and network.

Lastly, we use geolocation to shape the offers we present to you and identify the weather of where you are, which is an important variable on the suggestion feature. We would be deeply frustrated to recommend the usage of a skirt in a freezing day, even If it were a gorgeous one!

Data we retrieve from third-party companies

We would like to have you navigating on Catwalk all the time, but we know that you must have an outside life from time to time J This external navigation is part of who you are, and we want to consider every detail to get to know you better.

Today, we only collect data through your social media accounts, as mentioned above, but we do not use cookies to track your activities. Our solution also possesses a few functionalities that are linked to third-party services, like Whatsapp, email providers, Facebook, Twitter and phone carriers. When using third-party applications, it is important to be aware of their specific privacy policies.

How we use and share information

In a way, we have already told you the reasons for capturing information. However, we believe data retrieval only makes sense if there are clear benefits derived from it to those who are providing them, so we have gathered in this chapter the goals for use. With this, it is easier for you to evaluate if what we are offering matters to you:

  • Acknowledge and understand everything you are looking for to deliver a fulfilling application;
  • Open alternative communication channels to assist you;
  • Search for patterns and correlations on the app usage to provide personalized offers;
  • Control your identity and accesses to avoid fraud and restrict access to only you;
  • Match our advertisements, personalize our suggestions and allow brands to be relevant to you;
  • Provide an easier path to finding who and what you love.

A fraction of those benefits can only be achieved through sharing information with third-party entities, be them other Catwalk users or external partners.

Regarding Catwalk users, the logic is simple: looks and clothing items that you classify as public, as well as information and photos from your profile, will be available for visualization to other users.

With third-party entities, our sharing policy is quite restrictive. Data will never be transmitted on a personal level, only as a managerial, data analysis, aggregated component. This means we can share information that a particular group of customers, its size and characteristics, is keen on a single shoe style, but we will never inform that you, as an individual, is. Data is seen for pattern recognition, correlation and similarities, always without personal identification.

Advertisement, in the same way, can be carried out based on criteria stablished alongside third-party companies, targeting users that demonstrate a particular interest or behavior, but without individual data being transmitted to the third-party company in any moment of the interaction.

We will only share personal information if legally required, as a judicial obligation or when there is involvement or possible involvement in a fraud, crime or infringement of these terms.

Important: it is possible that your navigation on the app leads you to a page located outside of the app environment. In such cases, the destination, such as retailers and brand pages, probably will possess their own privacy policy. Always read the particular policy of the page you are navigating on before using their services.

How we store and protect your data

There is no point in having a privacy policy if, technically, we are not up to the task of storing and protecting the data.

All information collected is stored in a remote cloud server, with SSL cryptography. As we cannot know when information collected will be required, we will store them safely until you cancel your account on the platform.

To offer the best experience to you, the servers we use are a property of a highly renowned third-party company and your data may be located on Brazil, abroad, or in a combination of countries, which means the data can be stored on countries that are not your residence or where we provide our services. You accept that we can be required to comply with local regulation and laws that may differ from where you are.

Inside Catwalk, we have an Information Management policy in effect, which must be signed by each employee, and outlines all procedures for data security and the consequences of ill-use of information, which is reason for immediate severance. User data access has a special classification on the Information Management Policy and its access is highly restricted, with prior approval from management necessary for any employee.


From time to time, we will update this policy. This may happen due to new service or feature or a new requirement to clarify any demands. It is our goal to make things as clear and precise to you as possible.

So you get to know these changes, we will:

  • Show the data on the policy, inside the application;
  • On future changes, update and show information that has been updated;
  • Let you know in the application when a new policy is being updated.



We know you enjoy finding out where to buy that beautiful piece you saw someone wearing. Have suggestions on how to use the clothes in your wardrobe in the best way, in order to meet your taste. Share with your friends the wonderful combinations you imagined using at the next party. Or find the perfect shirt, close to you, for your next meeting.The Catwalk was made to fit all women's daily needs, unlike anything you know. And in order to provide the best experience for you, we ask that you share some information with us. We know of the responsibility of this request, and we treat your privacy, and the security of your data, as a matter of the utmost importance. The following policy was made to clarify every detail of how we handle information. We write the way we like to talk, without complications or difficult terms.But if any part is not clear, or you have questions, suggestions or complaints, we will be happy to have a chat with you. Send us an email! It's easy to remember:

Content Policy

We believe that every sidewalk is a catwalk because every woman creates her own definition of fashion. This individual freedom is a fundamental part of what we believe, and we work daily to understand more deeply the tastes and characteristics of each of our users. But this same freedom, inserted within a social context, must respect some parameters of coexistence, which in our case translates into the limitation of the exhibition of certain contents and behaviors. Therefore, we reserve the right to remove any content inserted in the platform, privately or publicly, that:

  • Be considered a personal threat, be it to another user or not;
  • Possess traits of self-flagellation and / or suicide induction;
  • Sympathize, encourage or have any connection with terrorist groups or violence;
  • Be characterized as blackmail, spam or bullying. It will be available tool for blocking users by another user who feels uncomfortable as an additional way to combat inconveniences;
  • Use or dissipate hate speech and / or prejudice;
  • Connected or be a part of criminal activity of any kind;
  • Have any trace of any type of sexual violence
  • Unduly expose minors
  • Detract the platform objective;
  • Be characterized as nudity or exacerbated exposure;
  • Use the register of individuals to disclose legal entity or business initiative. Brands, advertisers and retailers must have a specific profile for such purposes

Remember: You are solely responsible for all the content you post. We can not, and do not want, to control every published image or written message before it causes possible impacts on the viewer. Therefore, it is the complete responsibility of each user to submit, and in case of loss and damage to Catwalk fruit of content published by you, such damages may be charged to you, in the manner provided by law.In the same way that we reserve the right to remove content that is in disagreement with this policy, and ultimately block the user, for the present and future use of the platform, including with removal and deletion of content stored in the individual profile, you have the right to delete your account on our platform. This request can be made through the settings menu and will involve the final removal of all content linked to the profile, after a period of 30 days.The definitive removal of the user, when determined unilaterally by Catwalk, will always be preceded by at least one notice of non-compliance with the term clause, communicated through the application or registered e-mail. The removal of content may be carried out without prior notice, as a form of immediate treatment of the identified infringement.If you are subject to any blocking or restriction of content and consider that our attitude has been hasty, please let us know at, and we will always review your request.We also want to emphasize that once you post content on the platform in any format, you authorize us to use it without restriction. Content remains your property, but you provide us with a perpetual, irrevocable, free, and global license that allows you to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, display, and otherwise exploit such content at all formats and any distribution channels, without the need for your consent. Therefore, you represent and warrant that you are the sole owner of all content you post, and that your posting infringes third party property rights.

Terms Updated

From time to time, we have identified the need to change the clauses that make up this term. This can happen, for example, because we launch a new service, change some feature of something we already offer or identify the need to clarify some information.Many people find it inconvenient to be informed of each change made, so we will combine the following:

  • The date at the top of the terms and conditions will always be updated with that of the last change;
  • Whenever there is a change, we will insert an initial chapter informing which clauses have been changed, so that you do not have to read everything again;
  • In the settings menu, you will always have access to the term, with visual signaling of a new term for a minimum of 10 days;
  • In the settings menu you can indicate that you want to be informed by visual notifications, whenever the terms and conditions are changed. Feel free to ask for these warnings!

Stay calm: the changes will never have retroactive effect.


In case of disagreement with the clauses of this term, its interpretation will be according to the Brazilian legislation, being determined the Forum of the Region of São Paulo to settle any litigation, question or supervenient doubt.

The company

CTWLK Serv de Informacao Ltda, is an I.T. services company based in Sao Paulo that offers services in data processing, Artificial Intelligence and Payment Systems Intermediation.

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